blog2I’ve been fascinated by the art of blogging for about a year, around the same time I found that writing helps clear my head and settle my thoughts. It amazes me how my favourite blogger – Neetah (memoirs of a woman with chutzpah) – comes up with interesting stories, at least twice a week. Nothing interesting happens to me or so I thought till I published my first post. Now, I get inspiration from stuff that happens daily and my thoughts about them.

I decided to start blogging due to recent events I have experienced, directly or indirectly and you’d probably notice that my posts are a bit rough around the edges, so please feel free to comment. I do like constructive criticism.

My hope is that people would read my posts and laugh their socks off or disagree with me and try to convince me to change an opinion. I do like a good argument 🙂

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Happy reading!!



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