Today I woke to the sun shinning. It looked like a clear day, a good day to do some laundry. The plan was to take off my sheets, give them a nice soak, hand wash them and have them back on my bed by nighttime. I usually have clean sheets but truth be told, I have a few unwashed sheets in my laundry bag. I just haven’t had time lately.

I had just left my sheets to soak in a bucket of warm water and returned to some other house chores when the power went out (his happens a lot sadly) and the clear sky turned dark and it started to rain. All this happened within about 5 minutes. It reminded me about how unpredictable life is. You could just be minding your own business and BAM! something happens that changes your life forever. It could be meeting the person you are going to marry or getting a new awesome job or losing a friend, you just never know.

The good news is that there is one thing that never changes and that is God’s love for us all. I don’t know about you but God is the only constant in my life. I have made mistakes, countless mistakes, but God remains loving, faithful, merciful, non judgmental, protective, patient….I am humbled to know that He cares so much for me and I am comforted that with the unpredictability of life, one thing is certain and it’s that His thoughts towards me are for good and not for evil to give me hope and a future.

As I round up this post, it’s still raining and the sky is dark but I am not sad because although I know not when, I am confident that the sun will shine again. That’s my take towards life. In my bleakest moments, I look up to the heavens where my help comes from and I am assured that I will smile again.

Have a fab weekend everyone.



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