We all know the greeting with a hug and a kiss thing that foreigners do. I say foreigners because I can not imagine a Yoruba man, with amala and ewedu filled belly, and another man’s wife embracing each other and making kissy sounds. Correct me if I am wrong😄.

Well, back to my story. I recently started working with an awesome group of people and a few of them are “foreigners”. On this fateful day, one of my colleagues, E, returned from a long leave and came into my office to say hi and to check if he had received any mails while he was away. I was working on my computer and so when I turned round and saw his outstretched hand, I had only one thought and it was that I was about to give him a handshake but he suddenly flipped the script and held his arms out for a hug. A Naija girl that I am, it did not immediately occur to me that I was about to be greeted with hug and a kiss (aka a cheek or air kiss)….PAUSE

I would just like to point out that I have initiated air kisses in the past and I have also been at the receiving end of air kisses.

PLAY….so we ended up in a side full hug with my cheek in all it’s made up glory pressed against his white shirt 😱. I still cringe from the memory. Well E traveled again and I swore that I’d be at the top of my game when he returned. He finally did and happy that I was about to redeem myself, I stretched out my arms for a hug but he made some joke about Ebola and didn’t hug me.. 😡😩

Fast forward to last Monday, when I returned from holiday. I received a hug from one colleague, a hug and 2 kisses from another and a hug and 3 kisses from yet another. What’s amazing is that all 3 of them are from the same country and yet they greet differently. Well, I’ve learnt my lesson so when next I am caught in a greeting with a foreigner, I’ll let the foreigner lead.

I’ll end this post with a resolution. E will return from holiday soon, I will find him and I will hug him.. ‘Nuff said😐



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