A few weeks ago, I travelled to my mom’s hometown in Oyo State for a family programme. I travelled on a Friday and returned on Sunday. It equalled a total of 20 hours on the road and although it was an exhausting experience, it was interesting to see the changes in my family brought on by time.

A lot had changed since the last family meeting. Children had become adults, adults had become parents, parents had become grandparents. It was strange to see that I no longer could relate to the cousin who used to take my little brother and I on adventures when we were kids. Too much time had passed, he had his own kids now. It was stranger still to see that some things that hadn’t changed and the aunt I always thought was a volcano waiting to erupt still fit that description to a tee. Needless to say, tempers flared, feelings were hurt, decisions were made in anger but as it’s said in Hollywood, the show must go on, and by Sunday morning, we said our goodbyes with smiles, well wishes and promises to call when we arrived at our final destinations which we kept.

No one can choose who is born into their family and once born, that person becomes a member of your family for life. Family ties are invisible but indestructible bonds and although several times in the course of our lives, we wonder what stroke of faith saddled us with some of our family members, it’s futile to spend time dwelling on the things that cannot be changed. The most valuable commodity every individual has is time. Time is so valuable that we can invest it to obtain money but all of the money in the world could never buy more time. A lot of anger, resentment, hurt and pain can be caused by family members but these same family members can cause you to literally roll on the floor with laughter after a bad day at work, they can comfort you in your time of need and even a random text message from a family member who you have grown distant from, due to the passage of time, might be the light you need on your darkest day.

This post isn’t only an encouragement to a reader but to myself as well. When push turns to shove, all we really have is family so forgive wrongs, forget who’s right and move on. There’s no place like home and home is were there is family 🙂

I love my family, warts and all!!!



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