Recently, I had a display picture on bbm that caused quite a stir. The caption said ‘Shout out to the women who complain about being single but never go out. I guess Mr Right gonna break into yo house then’. I found it hilarious and so did my bbm contacts because the words rang true.

The caption sparked an interesting conversation with a friend from high school, let’s call her B. I complained to B that everyone said we, single ladies, should go out more but they never suggested where we could go. B replied by saying that hangout spots in Abuja are filled with players, small boys (mama’s boys), married men and guys in committed relationships looking for side chics. According to her, that left weddings as a place to meet single responsible guys.

I found the idea ludicrous and thought back to all the weddings I had attended. Not once had I met a ‘single responsible guy’. She scolded me for my narrow-minded thinking and gave me the following tips:

1. Never sit with family, especially parents, at weddings.
2. If you can, don’t sit behind. Sit close to the bridal party. Chances are most of them are single and looking to meet someone.
3. It helps you get noticed when you have to go out to catch the bouquet.
4. The classic one is to do the long walk from the front of the reception hall to the back, when everyone is sitting down, to go use the bathroom.

I was in stitches by the time she was done. One couldn’t make this stuff up. This had to be tried and tested information. I wasn’t surprised when B informed me that she had met her boyfriend at a wedding we both attended a few months ago. If only she had given me these tips before the wedding 😀

So ladies, whenever you’re at a wedding, keep these tips in mind and maybe you’ll be as lucky as my friend B 😉

Happy Fishing!!



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