I was sitting across from a woman at a seminar some time ago and I noticed her long orange coloured nails, false lashes and waist length hair. I thought it was a tad bit juvenile and it got me thinking about the definition of beauty in the 21st century.

We are in the age where everything can be bought – lips, hips, a whole bag of tricks – and the gravity of the obsession with beauty is best displayed in the lengths people go through to attain the ever elusive ‘beautiful’ status. Just one episode of Beverly Hills 90210 will show you how insecure many of us are – we can readily name body parts that we are unhappy with but can hardly name one part that we love. While watching 90210, I’m very easily offended by how these surgeons use markers to recreate what was created naturally. I have nothing against the plastic surgery profession, I’m just amazed that so many beautiful women believe that they are not beautiful till they have had some work done.

Gone are the days of au naturel women and lately men aren’t left out of the obsession with attaining beauty. Men have their nails manicured, their eye brows trimmed and the most daring ones even use skin lightening creams. There’s nothing sexier than a well groomed guy and I’ll be the first to admit that makeup has a way of enhancing a woman’s beauty but where does one draw the line between beautiful and darn right ridiculous.

The other day I was sitting in my favourite frozen yogurt shop and this young woman walked in with lashes so long and heavy, it looked like her eyes were about to fall out. I’ve seen girls look gorgeous with false lashes but to me this young woman looked hideous. She would have been better off with her God given lashes. I remember when the Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian hair trend first hit Abuja, babes were committing atrocities to be able to afford a pack. Why? Because it seemed like an  exclusive club and every babe wanted in . I’m happy to say that I know a few babes who saved up and bought theirs because it’s actually quality long lasting hair and reusable.

We have learnt to judge ourselves by what society deems beautiful or what celebrities do but trust me, YOU define your beauty and your beauty is not defined by:

1. The size of your bum or boobs
2. The labels on the clothes you wear
3. Whether or not you have your nails done regularly
4. Whose hair you’re wearing
5. The colour of your skin

There’s a huge difference between been trendy or fashion forward and just being a zombie, following every single trend. Do what works for your body type, set your own trend!

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder and so every day, when I look in the mirror, I think to myself, ‘Dayum girl! You’re beautiful!!‘.



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