A few years ago, I watched a friend pass away. It is one of the most heart breaking things I have ever experienced. She was a dear dear friend. We lived together for a few years. I have very few friends I can stand to live with for an extended period of time. We understood each other and knew when to be chatty and when to just let the other be. She was an extrovert and although I claim to be one as well, I’m more of an introvert. She made me more adventurous and we always had loads of fun and laughs.

Every year since she passed away, I bawl like it happened only yesterday. It has been 5 years now. Last year, for the first time, I didn’t cry because I didn’t remember on the anniversary of her death. I remembered a few days later and I felt so sad. I wondered if I was forgetting her and it made me sadder still. I used to think about her everyday but now, I honestly think about her less and less. Sad isn’t it?! I remember when she died. I was furious that the sun rose up bright and shinning the next day. I was mad that people on the street were going about their normal business, not giving honour to the passing of a beautiful spirit.

Looking back now, I realize that I haven’t forgotten her but I have started to forget about the pain of her death – her being taken away from me so suddenly and without warning. I miss her like crazy. I miss gossiping with her. I miss hanging out with her. I miss trying out new things with her. I miss her personality. I miss my friend. I miss my Ronke.

I’m getting teary-eyed now and I wouldn’t want to cause a scene in the office so I’ll end this post here by saying that whenever I am saddened by her death, I just think back to all the fun times we had and how I am a better person because she was in my life.

I miss you Ronke.



5 thoughts on “My loss. . .

  1. Loosing someone is painful. Sometimes you never get over it, but learn to remember that person for who they were rather than how they went. Your story is touching and I am sorry for your loss. Good post.

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