This post goes out to unmarried couples who had a romantic Valentine’s evening. I have beef with y’all cos I spent the evening at home, alone, without power or energy to cook a meal more imaginative than noodles and eggs. *straight face*

A couple of months ago, I was watching an episode of I didn’t know I was pregnant and wondering how these women didn’t know they were pregnant. I thought any pregnancy, whether first or subsequent, would show pretty obvious signs eventually. After a quick look on the internet, I’ve seen that the signs of pregnancy differ from one woman to the other and at least one time or another, we women have and will experience symptoms that would have us reaching for a pregnancy test strip if they weren’t such a regular occurrence. In order to drive my point home, let me paint you a picture.

You arrive home knackered on Friday the 14th and find your apartment unusually lit. Your key won’t enter the lock and you wonder which of the 3 people in possession of a spare had the nerve to drop by unannounced. Le boo opens the door, a glass of champagne in hand. You are thrilled, he was supposed to be out of town. You take a swig of champagne and he leads to the bathroom where he has drawn a bath with your favourite bath salts and fragrances. He even placed tealights around the bathroom, just like in the movies, and put on your favourite jazz tunes so you can soak in peace. After your bath, you see that he has laid a new pink silk robe on your bed. Pulling it over your Victoria Secrets night slip, you walk barefoot to the living room. Dinner is on the table. A delectable spread. Cream of chicken soup with croutons, basmati rice with sweet and sour prawns and a slice of lemon pie for dessert. The conversation is light but you can’t help but notice how distracted he is as you eat the last huge bite of pie. Your teeth come together on a firm object and you wonder if there was a stone in the pie but it is unlike any stone you’ve ever come across. You take the foreign object out of your mouth and a beautiful Tiffany&Co engagement ring glares back at you. You’re ecstatic, he heaves a sigh of relief, pulls you into his arms and…….let your imagination do the rest πŸ˜‰

If you experience any of the following symptoms after that fateful night, you just might pregnant……mwahahahaha! *insert flashes of lighting and rumbling of thunder to accompany evil laugh*.

1. A delayed period. A period maybe delayed due to stress, illness, or worry. Yours on the other hand may be due to pregnancy. I must add that stressing about why your period is late could delay it’s arrival even further. Mwahahahaha!! Isn’t biology fun?!!

2. Spotting. At one time or the other, some women will experience spotting. It may be due to stress, hormonal fluctuations or ovulation. Yours might just be implantation bleeding as a result of conception.

3. Upset stomach. Food poisoning, indigestion and over eating are a few causes of an upset stomach. An upset stomach could also be a sign of pregnancy as I hope it is in your case.

4. Fuller sore breasts. Some women experience fullness and soreness before a period but it is also an early symptom of pregnancy. Need I say more?! You must be pregnant!

5. Gas and bloating. Such troubles in the digestive system are triggered by hormonal imbalance just before a period. In pregnancy, your digestion slows down and can lead to flatulence and bloating. Your tummy is bigger, of course you’re pregnant!

6. Lower back pain. Some women experience back pain due to an impending period but a growing uterus and hormonal changes may be the cause of your back ache. Hehehe!

7. Cramps but no period. One common reason for this is ovulation. Another common reason is that you’re pregnant. Congratulations!

To my fellow single ladies who stayed at home alone on Valentine’s day, aren’t you glad we did?! πŸ˜€



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