Beverly_Tosan_RH_Photo_Arts_BellaNaija_20-600x399Hi! My name is Nike and I’m a hopeless romantic. 😀

I’m fascinated with how beautiful love is and can be. I guess that’s why I love weddings. It’s a celebration of the love between two individuals who intend their love to last for a lifetime.

A pre-wedding photo shoot is the latest trend when preparing for a wedding. Only God knows the originator of the idea but it has been well received and every couple is doing it these days. Yours truly won’t be left out when the time comes o! 😉

I’ve spent countless hours poring over Bella Naija website, looking at endless pictures of pre-wedding shoots and wedding day pictures. If you haven’t already, you must check the website out Also, over a year or two, I’ve saved ‘must-strike poses’ of couples from the display pictures of my bbm contacts. Call me weird but aren’t we all?

Below are a few of my favourites:

Courtesy Adepoju Adefolarin1
The L.O.V.E pose
Courtesy Elaine Okpurhe
The ‘Sweet Sixteen Love’ pose

The ‘Smouldering gaze’ pose
The ‘Two halves of One whole’ pose

Courtesy Adepoju Adefolarin2
The ‘L is for the way you look at me…’ pose
Courtesy Adepoju Adefolarin3
The ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ pose

The ‘I love you’ pose
The ‘Us against the world’ pose
The ‘With you life’s a picnic’ pose

The ‘See how far we’ve come’ pose

Happy New Year Everyone! May the year be picture perfect.



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