‘Yes mom’.

‘Could you come here please?’

What did I do now? – Evelyn wonders, checking a new bbm message and then frowning in disgust at the picture Felix sent to her.

‘Evelyn dear!’, her mom cajoles from the sitting room.

‘I’m coming mom’, she replies, getting off the bed. Anytime her mom was polite like this, it meant a storm was brewing – the calm before the storm her father called it. She was in no mood for a scolding today.

‘What is it mom?’

‘Please sit down’.

This must be serious – Evelyn thinks to herself, sitting down.

‘It’s been 2 years since you moved to Lagos from home. In those two years, I have waited for you to ring me to say you are visiting with your boyfriend. What’s happening?’

The look on her face must have spoken volumes cos her mother, changing tactics, adds softly ‘You know that you’re my only child. I’m looking forward to being a grandmother and having the opportunity to spoil your kids rotten’.

‘I hear you mom but don’t you think I want to get married and have kids? I just haven’t met the right person’.

‘You will in good time’, her dad says suddenly from behind her.

‘I believe I will’, she replies, walking back to her room, shoulders down.

‘You shouldn’t have done that’, she hears her dad say to her mom just before she shuts her room door.

It’s not that she didn’t have toasters. In her line of work, she met guys on a daily basis and she was yet meet a guy who didn’t toast her after 1 or 2 visits to her bank. Her friends said she was too picky, heck, she had wondered about that herself on occasion but had eventually decided that she wasn’t going to lower her standards just because she wanted a boyfriend. Yes, she did want one but she would stick it out and wait for The One. Just to erase any doubt in her mind as to his presence in her life, she thought about guys she had gone on a dates with recently.

– On her first date with Lanre, he brought along a friend. After they were done eating, she was stuck with the bill as neither Lanre nor his friend had any money. He had promised to write her a cheque the very next day but it had been two weeks now and he hadn’t mentioned it. She did not bring it up cos she was embarrassed for his sake and had decided never to see him again. Was she being too picky? Hell no!

– When Nnamdi picked her up for lunch, just before taking her to the airport yesterday, she was in a good mood. He took her to her favourite restaurant and watched her order, claiming he wasn’t hungry when she urged him to eat. When he looked the other way when the waiter brought her bill, she was cool. She had only lost her cool when he drove to a local food franchise so he could grab a bite. She sat, fuming in silence, while he ate and then settled his bill with mint N1,000 notes from his wallet.  Was it bad form that she had excused herself from the table and hailed a cab to take her to the airport? Heck no!

Noticing the blinking notification light of her blackberry, she picks it up and checks for new messages. Felix had sent a follow up message after the picture. She could feel her face go redder, the angrier she got. She didn’t think that giving Felix her bbm pin was a bad move. The guy was cute and had good diction but how her blackberry message asking how his day was going had resulted in him sending her a picture of his willy had her both confused and disgusted. And the nerve of the boy to ask if she liked what she saw, well, that was the last straw and she immediately deletes him from her contact list, glad that he doesn’t have her number.

She dropped her phone on the floor, grabbed a pillow and squeezed tightly, hoping that in the nearest future, she would meet someone who would make her forget all these other wrong guys.


Hi guys, this is the first part in a new series that will chronicle the experiences of Evelyn Ajifowowe, a twenty – something year old woman looking for love and striving for a closer walk with God. This is my first attempt at writing a series and I’ll do my best to make it interesting enough to keep you begging for more. 😀



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