We’ve all had those moments. Moments that we wish we could rewrite. Moments that make us cringe. Moments that make us blush with embarrassment. For some reason that I can’t remember now, I’ve decided to share my top five embarrassing moments.

There was this really cute guy I had a crush on, my freshman year in uni.  One particular day, I hadn’t seen him all day and suddenly spotted him afar off. I ‘lovingly’ decided to follow him so I could ‘casually’ bump into him and maybe say something to him, other than hello. Turned out to be a dumb idea cos in my rush to catch up with him, I missed my step, fell and broke my toe nails and the straps of my shoes. I can’t remember how I avoided my friends but somehow, I left the school premises, had my shoes fix and went back home. I didn’t dare narrate what happened to anyone. I was utterly embarrassed.

2. Text-tify
I have a friend who’s a pilot with the Nigerian Air Force and I can’t explain why but I find the orange overalls that is standard issue for flights very sexy. One day, he was in Abuja on business and I dropped by his hotel after work, to have dinner and catch up. He had just come in from the airport and still had his overalls on. I was ogling him and then decided to text a friend to tell her how I was found the overalls very sexy.Less than 10 seconds later, my mom calls and says ‘I’m sure that text wasn’t meant for me’. I almost passed out.

3. IT Blunder
During my service year, I worked as the Network administrator in an international non-governmental organisation. I had been communicating with an Internet Service Provider based in Abuja and the company rep rang me one evening to inform me that he had sent an email. Maybe I was distracted by his baritone or maybe that was my off day but I explained my not receiving his email in my yahoo account by saying ‘I didn’t get the email on my phone cos the server in the office is down’. For those who are not IT savvy, it’s like saying I didn’t receive a text on my phone because someone else’s phone battery was flat.

4. Mirror mirror
I recently moved house and went curtain shopping. I was looking at satin fabrics, loving the feel and imagining how beautiful it would look, waving in a breeze, in my new crib. The shop owner explained that I would have to double the amount of material I would buy cos each piece would have to be sewn with 2 layers since the material was see through. With confidence, I replied that my windows were reflective and from the outside anyone trying to look in would only see his or her reflection, like in a mirror. The shop owner replied that he had the exact same windows at home and that at night, when the lights were on inside, anyone outside the window would be able to see the  insides of the house. I suddenly had flashes of a scantily clad me, walking  around the house even when I heard voices, my neighbours or the security guard, just outside my window. I felt my cheeks turn different shades of red and I had to take a moment to get over it before purchasing the thickest material available in the market to make curtains.

5. She stoops to conquer
When I started to write this post, I knew that I wanted to talk about five embarrassing moments but for some reason, I can’t remember a fifth one. I am admitting defeat and therefore entering my failure to remember a fifth embarrassing moment as my fifth embarrassing moment. 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading about my embarrassing moments. I dare you to share yours 😉



8 thoughts on “My top five most embarrassing moments…

  1. Omg! Moment no 2 was the nuttyiest if such a word exists! Nike haba haba I shudder to think of what u wrote in dat sms… and no 1 too was ermm ermm toh badski… lwkmd I’m at a wedding reception laughing like a fool! oh lawdy

  2. We all have our most embarrasing moments and I remember one vividly dt happened to me, I wore a pair of cream trousers and a black top, walking majestically to get a taxi and suddenly I heard dis whisper behind me I turned and behold a guy beckoning on me but ignored him thinking he wanted to do d usual ‘guys tin’, only for me to get to d taxi point and anoda guy walked up to me and told me dt my trousers were torn *whew* I felt so embarrased and wished I had listened to d 1st guy and not assumed he was going to ask me out.

  3. Don’t have the nerve to post mine. So embarrassing dear. Just forget it. My joy is that i never met the guy again. Even if i did, wont recognize him cos i deleted him from my memory.

  4. Loved text-tify and Mirror Mirror. laughed so hard. I have had loads of embarrassing moments my self, haven’t gotten the liver to share yet 😀

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